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They are much smaller than the Stellar sea lion, males being 8ft and only 900lbs as opposed to their 2000lb cousin. tofino surf report Permission for fishermen to kill sea lions in this way was previously withdrawn in 1994. The stellar survives mainly on schooling fish such as herring and pollock, but they have been known to make use of their diving depths of up to 350m to catch octopus, squid or rockfish. The marine wildlife in our area follows migration and food-seeking patterns, so in certain seasons there’ll be more of one species than another. A major whale migration occurs in mid winter off the west coast of Vancouver Island near Tofino and Ucluelet, when approximately 20,000 Pacific grey whales leave the Baja Peninsula to journey north to Alaska, cruising past Vancouver Island enroute. Sea lions in b.c. horoscope for april 2013 One of the largest breeding rookeries is found on the Channel Islands. Adult male California sea lions measure up to 2.4m in length and weigh an average of 275kg (maximum 390kg), while adult females measure an average of 1.8m (maximum 2m) in length and weigh an average of 80-91kg (maximum 110kg). The population wintering off Vancouver Island is thought to be stable around 3000. Some mothers have been known to nurse both their new pup and old pup for periods of up to a year. Subsequent analysis showed that the cause was a domoic acid toxin from a harmful algal bloom that was concentrated in anchovies and other small marine species eaten by the sea lions. tofino boat charters & cruises on the IUCN Red List. tofino yoga, shopping tofino cabins tofino surfing Let me know in the comments below. Pollution is still seen as a threat to California sea lion populations and may have been the cause of the mass mortality of over 200 sea lions that took place near the island of San Jorge in the northern part of the Mexican Gulf of California in February 1999. The sea lions seen in our waters are either Stellar or California sea lions. Sea Lions. The report also recommended that authority be given to kill sea lions which pose a threat to public safety and property at locations such as docks and marinas, and that commercial fishermen be allowed to kill sea lions that destroy their catch or gear. tofino weddings, tofino events: tofino bird watching tofino yoga classes, tofino time magazine: Overview. tofino fishing report The California sea lion (Z. c. californianus) ... mostly in the Vancouver Island area, and it is thought that other sea lions are also being illegally killed. chesterman beach Strawberry Isle Research Society is trying to answer such questions by monitoring a newly formed sea lion haulout in Clayoquot Sound that is shared by both California and Stellar sea lions. Steller sea lions are the most common sea lion on Vancouver Island and numbers are estimated close to 25,000 in British Columbia. Jos Krynen, Eagle Eye Adventures Here in our Province of British Columbia, there is an abundance of wildlife in the sea. You can tell them apart by their colouring. The population wintering off tofino events These rich waters abound with orcas, humpbacks, sea lions, dolphins and seals – not to mention otters, porpoises, eagles, and birds of prey. tofino media, Share Button